How to Generate Leads through SEO Services for Small Size Packers and Movers Companies 2019

Are you a new packers and movers company / business? And you are trying to generate leads for your business? If yes, this article is for you. In this article we will explain, how a small size business owners can generate queries / leads.

Moving industry is non organized industry in India, and there is lots of competition for each business owner. We have seen that, many moving companies are facing shortage of customers. If customers do not come to you, how and how long will you sustain in your business? If you are a properly registered company, then you are bearing your office rent, electricity bills, employee’s salary and other expenses. It’s become harder to maintain all these without customers and more harder where customers compare your prices, services, safety measures for moving with other packers and movers. You need lots of leads to maintain your expenses.There are many ways to generate leads for small business owners. They can buy leads from some reliable listing websites, they can run paid ad on Google, they can advertise their business with banners, pamphlets, etc. To get leads you need to pay but if you stop paying them, you would not get any leads. These are not permanent solutions. As an SEO company in Delhi, We have helped few small packers and movers to generate business leads, who were just new in their business and they needed quick leads to sustain in their industry.

When they contacted us for their website’s SEO, we analyzed their business was just 2 months old and they were not able to invest big amount on website promotions. Before contacting us they were buying leads, but not satisfied. Although, we started SEO for their website.

How we started?
Their website was of a few pages. There was not even an ‘about us’ page, we suggested them to make an effective “about us” page for their customers. We have seen in many cases, about us page is one of the most visited pages in overall website. We reduced their website load time and make them faster to load in different search engines. And we implemented some other important SEO strategies on their website.

How we targeted customers?
The first thing, we suggested them to create many pages on their website to target different city customers. We wrote search engine friendly and informational content on those pages, later on we optimized them properly.

How we started to generate leads for their business?
As we know our client was new and needed quick leads to live in their business, we were requested to do effective SEO for their website. If you know, SEO takes some time to rank your website in Google, but if it starts once it will give long time benefits. But we could not have waited for few months to get results as our client required business queries as soon as possible, we listed their business in Google business. We targeted local customers on Google and did some off page activities. In a very few days later, they were starting to rank in Google top positions where their relevant customers could easily find them. They started to get leads from their Google business listing.

Later we asked some more addresses to list them as business locations in Google since we were planning to generate more leads in a few days. We listed their business in multiple locations and again after a few days we starting to rank on Google first page on their business queries. When we ranked in Google on different locations the number of queries suddenly increased. Now they are getting hundreds of business leads only from Google listing services.
Here, this is required to tell you that SEO takes some time to return results such as a few weeks / months, but with local listing services you can rank on some local keywords on Google in a few days only.

Time to wrap up:
Time has changed where business owners want to generate their leads instead of doing only SEO. We have helped many business owners to grow, if you required any help in SEO services, you can contact us.

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