How a Clean Website can Help to Boost SEO Rankings in 2019

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about optimizing your website for search engines.

Somewhat, it is true.

Search engines use more than 200 factors for website rankings and a clean web design is one of the most important factors which help to boost SEO ranking. A clean web design is all about user experience.

But what clean website meaning is?

A website which open very fast in web browsers, a website that opens with less load time, a website that convey each services in easy and simple clicks, a website that navigate you on exact landing pages that you are searching for, a website that have responsive design, and a website that contains each required information that a user can find.  These factors make a website clean and simple for search engines and provide good user experience.

The major benefits of clean web design

Saves your Cost and Time

When you design your website according to the current trends, it will need to redesign with next trends in the next few months or next year. It requires more time and costs to design your website again and again.  If you don’t want to design your website again and again, go for clean web design in the first place. Go for simple, elegant and great designs which have your favorite theme color, fonts and font sizes, good navigation design, footer design and internal page designs. Go for classic designs which do not require every time revamps.


Improves User Experience with increased load time

Users do not love to stay on websites that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Search engines hate that website. When most of the users leave your website due to the load time, it shows poor user experience.

Clean web design uses light images, videos, scripts and other things that make your website slow. Clean web design uses everything that can make your website fast. Google developer tool (free tool) provide website speed insights.

It makes your website catchy and increase reach

The websites with huge number of texts increases bounce rates. Simple text formatting, useful information and clean design make your website engaging, catchy and easy to use. Clean and simple web design improves your reach to relevant audiences.

How to design a clean website?

Here we are going to mention some important points towards a simple and clean web design.

In case of any doubt, call on an expert web designing company, like Adsvenues, for the helping hand.

Choose WordPress to Design

WordPress is one of the best content management system across the globe where you can design your website yourself. WordPress CMS provides an easy platform where you can design and organize your contents. You can use themes that provide simple drag and drop features, simplicity, speed and optimized content. To work with WordPress themes you don’t have prior experiences.

Be Responsive on multiple devices

Responsive designs mean that a website could open in multiple devices such as laptops, smart phones, desktops, tabs, etc. Responsive design make your website fit according to the device screen sizes that enhance user experience.

Optimize your images

Heavy images can make your website heavy to load. If you are using images on your website then it requires optimization. In the image optimization process, you can use smaller images as much as possible and ALT tags to describe about images. You need to experienced hand to handle with images if you are using many images on the website.

Be handy with coding

Unwanted Java scripts, CSS and HTML codes make a website slow to load. You need for a basic understanding of coding, hence you can deal with unwanted codes.


At the bottom line

Clean web design is needed for SEO. In future you will be rewarded by search engines in SEO rankings and by the users for great user experience. So, start creating your website in a right way from the beginning.

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