8 Things You Should Implement While Doing SEO for Your Business Website

When you enter in the world of search engine optimization (SEO), you may get confused, what you should learn and implement first from the sheer volume of things to learn for your business website.

There is lot of things to learn for your website SEO but there is some important points learning curve to get started. Let us start from here.

Keywords Research

Although, you have decided to do search engine optimization for your website to get more website traffic and customers but still confused about what will your first step towards SEO to be taken? Your first step should be keywords research on which your website will rank. With using some free online tools, you can find those search terms which actually people uses while searching on Google. You can use Google keyword planner to find keywords with good search volume. Make a long list of keywords to be targeted on search engine with mix of short term and long term keywords. You can make keyword list with location name and without location name such as “Best SEO Company” – this is location based keyword.

Landing page for Your Target Keywords

Once you decided your keywords to be ranked on Google first page, you need to decide your target page on which you will rank. This is most important for targeting keywords on website which decides which page will rank on Google when someone searches. Be careful while target your keywords on pages, relevant content should be available for your keywords on that page and page url should be SEO friendly. When Google crawls your pages then it gives you preferences to rank on top positions upon another website links if Google find relevancy with search terms. So, optimize you pages for your keywords with relevant contents and url.

Content optimization

Ok, you have a website which you made for your customers but have you spent your time for website content? Do you know if you want to rank your website on Google first page, your website should contain unique, self written and informational content for your customers? If you did copy and paste content from other website, please update it with new, because you could not go into race with your online business competitors with duplicate contents. Ultimately you will get queries, phone calls, leads from Google when you will get started rank on first page of Google, but Google do not love copied contents. So, do as Google engine ranking factors says. If you could not write content yourself, hire content writers who can write for you.

Meta Tags Implementation

Have you analysis Google search results? Search engine shows title and description for each result. Do you know how this comes? You will need to write the title meta tags and description meta tags for your website. To write meta tags, you should have FTP (file transfer protocol) or control panel. You need to write your meta with your target keywords on which you want to rank on search engine. Remember, there is character limitations for meta title and meta description. You can limit your title from 50 – 60 character and 150 – 160 character for description. So, try to write meaningful meta with your keywords.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is important part of search engine optimization where you optimize your website’s images for search engines. It means with ALT tag, that you tells Google what is this image name? It tells Google more about images used in website that is required to understand why is this image is used for?

Website Load Time

Today we all became very impatient to get anything very fast and quick then why not Google? If your website loads on web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Baidu, etc.) very fast then Google will rank your website fast as comparatively. Ideally a website should be load on browsers within 1-3 seconds, if not then work on it. Website speed is vital key for your SEO effectiveness. Put your website on Google’s website speed test tool to check what is your score on mobile and desktop? This tool shows points on which you can work to reduce website’s load time. It shows which image is large in size, which CSS code to be minify, and many more to reduce load time. You can use other free tools to optimize your website to reduce load time available online.

Mobile Friendly Website (Responsive Website)

A research says, today more than 50% Google searches happens through mobiles. This is huge number to be considered for audience. Even now Google has declared that your website should be mobile friendly then you should be surely. An ideal website should opens in each device with no issues. Actually the main purpose is that users do not face any problem while visiting your website. If you can’t do it, ask your website designer to do so.

Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization tells Google how much your website is popular online. Actually, in off page activity you  creates back links for your website. There are many activities you can do for your website’s link creation such as article submission, blog posting, press release, blog commenting, bookmarking, directory submission, classified submission, and many more. That link that points to your website from another website is called back link for your website. Remember, always create your back links in high domain authority websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. To check domain authority, there are free tools available online.  There are two types of back links – Dofollow and Nofollow. Always try to create mix back links for your website.


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Mr. Jitendra Kumar is author of this article. He is a highly experienced SEO professional. He has worked with small to big brands and helped many small to big size business owners to grow their business through his SEO strategies.

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